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Black Sunday "Tronic Blanc" (Dirtnap Records, 2005)

Z recenzji znalezionej na Rate Your Music:
"The Lost Sounds were finished at this point, but Alicja Trout wasn't finished with their angry, apocalyptic synth pop sound. This swirling LP from her Black Sunday project is a perfect soundtrack for radiation poisoning".
Gościnnie występują Ryan Wong i Jay Reatard.

1. The Picture Looks So Small
2. Torture Torture
3. Next Girl Detour
4. You're Gonna See Me
5. This Heart Is Now Aluminum
6. Modulated Simulated
7. Good Dreams
8. Take The Bad And Make It Turn Good
9. Destroy Everything In Your Path
10. What I Think Is Wrong
11. Little Bird
12. On The Way Downtown
13. Mosquitoes

This Heart Is Now Aluminum:

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  1. Hi,
    Interested in more Alicja Trout?
    I posted River city Tanlines' I'm your Negative'- album.
    Grtz Pascalito

  2. hello,
    thanks but i've already got that
    maybe you want RCT "all 7 inches plus 2 more"?
    maybe you're intrested in more Neckbones?


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